Klasmann® Base Substrate 2 Medium Plus Perlite


Klasmann® Base Substrate 2 Medium Plus Perlite


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Product Description

Klasmann® Base Substrate 2 is a tried and true universal blend of fine to medium structure peat that allows for a wide range of growing from trays to containers. Klasmann® Base Substrate 2 mix contains perlite for better drainage and aeration. This particular mix is a base peat mix, giving growers full control over adding their fertilizer of choice. Fertilizers may be used directly after planting, as this “Base” product does not contain a fertilizer pack. Klasmann® products contain a proprietary wetting agent called “Hydro S” that allows for more rapid water uptake, optimizes water distribution, and has enhanced long-term action. Klasmann® Base Substrate 2 contains 20% perlite to enhance aeration and drainage. Klasmann® products are RHP certified.

Additional Information

Weight 1440 oz