Klasmann® TS 1 Plus Perlite Fine


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Product Description

Klasmann® TS 1 Fine plus perlite is an extra-fine structured mix that is rich and superior and a great universal blend. The peat used in TS 1 Fine plus perlite is harvested carefully and there is no high speed milling involved. This keeps the structure of the mix preserved and minimizes “dust” in the mix, allowing it to perform superbly. Because of this harvesting technique, growers are left with a highly porous, top performance mix that enhances root development, promotes sustainability and ultimate security. Klasmann® products contain a proprietary wetting agent called “Hydro S” that allows for more rapid water uptake, optimizes water distribution and has enhanced long-term action. TS 1 also containers 15% perlite to enhance aeration and drainage. Great for use in trays and small pots. Klasmann® products are RHP certified.

Additional Information

Weight 1376 oz